Halal Competency Program

“Halal Competency Training must be conducted at least once in a 3 year to all IHC members that have been appointed officially by the management.”

– HJAKIM in MPPHM 2020 part IV under clause 17.12 (e)

This course is designed to facilitate Internal Halal Committee (IHC) members in a company in handling halal matters.


  1. To equip the members of Internal Halal Committee with fundamental knowledge and practical experience to manage entire company’s halal operation.
  2. To ensure that members of the Internal Halal Committee are capable and are skillful in preparing the Halal Assurance System (HAS) and Halal file.
  3. To improve the understanding regarding halal concept and its requirements

Duration : 2 days

Time : 9.00am – 5.00pm

For In-house training, please do contact Admin +019-776 5075/ email to training@holisticslab.my


Mohd Iskandar Bin Illyas Tan

Professional Technologist

University Technology Malaysia

  • Participants must be from Internal Halal committee members that officially appointed by Top Management
  1. The Understanding of Shari’a & Fatwa
    • Lesson 1: The Understanding of Shari’a & Fatwa
  2. Malaysia Halal Management System (MHMS) 2020
    • Lesson 1: Malaysia Halal Management Systems (MHMS)
  3. Manual Procedure for Malaysia Halal Certification (MPPHM) 2020
    • Lesson 1: MHMS
  4. Malaysia Halal Standards
    • Lesson 1: Malaysia Standards _MS2400
  5. Halal Related Legislations
    • Lesson 1: Halal Related Legislations
  6. Critical Ingredients/ Processes
    • Lesson 1: Process Control Of Halal Warehouse

Certificates of Completion (e-certs)

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