Halal Awareness

Premium Program

This program exposes participants to the basic concepts of halal in Islam. There are 3 modules in this program.

In increasing knowledge on halal in business, participants are exposed to the local and international halal industry, introduced to the concept of Halal and Haram and learn of the requirements to apply for a Malaysian halal certificate.

Ultimately, the program aim is to acquire knowledge about Malaysian Halal Certification System.

The program will end with an exposure on the Malaysian Halal Council.


  • To give participants exposure on local and global halal industry

  • To provide participants with basic knowledge of halal and haram in Islam

  • To expose participants with Malaysian halal Certification scheme and its enforcement

Duration : 1/2 day

Time : 9 am to 1pm (4 hours per day)

For In-house training, please do contact Admin +019-776 5075/ email to training@holisticslab.my


Ts. Dr. Mohd Iskandar Bin Illyas Tan

Professional Technologist

University Technology Malaysia

  • Participants are involving in processing and servicing activities
  1. Halal Industry
    • Lesson 1: Halal Industry
  2. Concept of Halal and Haram
    • Lesson 1: Concept of Halal and Haram
  3. Malaysian Halal Certification System
    • Lesson 1: Malaysian Halal Certification System

Certificates of Completion (e-certs)

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Integrated learning materials sharing platform (Classroom/Hacademy)
Certificates of Completion (e-certs)
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Face To Face
  • Integrated learning materials sharing      platform (Classroom/Hacademy)
  • Certificates of Completion (e-certs)
  • Integrated learning materials sharing      platform (Classroom/Hacademy)
  • Certificates of Completion (e-certs)