Most frequent questions and answers

Holistics Lab Sdn Bhd offers two(2) programs under Halal Professional Board JAKIM –  Professional Certificate for Halal Executive (PCHE) and Professional Certificate for Halal Internal Audit (PCHIA). Holistics Lab also offers Halal Awareness Program and Halal Competency Program.

“Halal Executives shall be appointed at each branch of the premises”

– (Clause 18.1(f)(i)(b).,pg.31, Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual (Domestic) 2020).


“Halal Executive refers to an individual that responsible for ensuring the Halal compliance in a company or premises. Halal Executives must meet the following conditions:

  1. Muslim
  2. Citizen of Malaysia
  3. Permanent position
  4. Minimum Diploma in Halal Management or any equivalent qualification or experience in halal management for at least five (5) years
  5. Obtaining Halal Executive Certificate from Halal Training Provider registered under HPB JAKIM” (Clause 3.5,pg.3, Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual (Domestic) 2020).”

– (Clause 3.5,pg.3, Malaysian Halal Certification Procedure Manual (Domestic) 2020).

HOLISTICS Lab conduct the training in three(3) mode ; PHYSICAL, ONLINE & IN-HOUSE.

Whereby PHYSICAL & ONLINE training (Halal Professional Board) conducted for in 8 days. For IN-HOUSE training (Halal Professional Board)  in 5 days.

Face-to-face training cost is MYR 4000 (Malaysians) & USD 3000 (Non-Malaysians) per person for each training. Online training costs MYR 2500 (Malaysians) & USD 1000 (Non-Malaysians).

No. It’s conducted separately time as it is different training. Holistics Lab offers training for selected dates. You may view our calendar here.

For those who are participating in our training, you will receive 

  • 4 Different Certificates (Certificate of Attendance, Professional Certificate for QuikHalal, Professional Certificate for Halal Executive by Holistics Lab & Halal Professional Board JAKIM)

Face-to-face participants will receive additional

  • Halal Assurance System (HAS) File 
  • Bag Pack
  • Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Break)

All of our medium is in English – Training lessons, Notes and syllabus/content  from JAKIM is English. Notes and slides used also in English Language. 

As a special bonus for attending our training program, we’ll give you a special access to Hacademy (online Halal learning platform) and FREE 3 month of QuikHalal (First mobile cloud based Halal auditing apps).

Yes. But you must attend the training provider that is recognized by JAKIM only. 

For any inquiries/ questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.